Tuesday, February 2, 2010

About Us

Hi everybody welcome to the ChouWe blog. This is a site informing you about updates on the ChouWe application and how Chouwe.com is developing and impacting the environment.
Let’s start by introducing you to those behind ChouWe. Danilo Luzuriaga is the founder and ecologist of the entire program, and Kevin Guile signed on as the USA director and painter. The Iphone application first stepped into construction April 7, 2009, and ChouWe was born in Ocala Florida.
The ChouWe concept first came into thought before the twitter bird took to the air. Although we don't have anything to do with twitter, ChouWe has become a member of twitter's circle.
Lets take a look at our first ChouWe design, a skinny bird, with poor feathers, and no form. Many of our friends asked, ”is ChouWe hungry?.” Then we decided to meet with friend and designer Andy Stracuzzi, who did a great job.
With ChouWe's look now complete he evolved into the first bird on the internet helping people plant trees worldwide. Although ChouWe and twitter are friends and you can tweet him, he has been making a lot of friends on youtube. His youtube address is located on twitter.
As the journey of ChouWe continues, the concept of Chouwe’s application was completed in November 2009 after working hard to correct the mistakes, forms, and designs. The long hours lead to discovering many things. Remember ChouWe is growing and is only 9 months old, so comments and suggestions are welcome. The little bird knows how hard it is to satisfy all customer expectations, but he's doing his best at completing your suggestions every single day.
As of January 2010, you will be able to try ChouWe using the apple store on your iphone, free for the first two months. We want to hear from loyal friends like you, please feel free to send suggestions and comments at support@chouwe.com to be the first to get the Free version of Chouwe for iphone and itouch.

Working in a marketing campaign, ChouWe and his family have decided to do the first Chouwe green t-shirt from recycled t-shirts and or materials, “ I’m a Chouwe.Take the Challenge. Chouwe.com.“

Our social mission is to help the environment directly through planting trees and educate future generations on doing so. Thus we have also formed an alliance with a southern Quito school to plant 30 trees on a portion of property. .

You might be wondering what's the meaning behind "Take the Challenge", well it is a surprise that we have been preparing for you in the last 60 days. This challenge is related to planting trees worldwide in coordination with non-profit organizations and friends like you. So please don’t hesitate to send your emails and be the first to know about this unique idea.

Finally ChouWe has a facebook fan page, feel free to enjoy and tell us your thoughts


Danilo Luzuriaga
Plan a party, Save a tree